Here at Judge Opticians, we use a wide range of Lens suppliers to give you a variety of options for your needs and also your pocket. Throughout the year lens manufacturers have various promotions so be sure to ask if any offers are currently available, if you have not already been informed.

We have recently invested in some new technology to make the way of choosing your new lenses a more accurate and also user friendly experience with your needs at the forefront.

Lenses from manufacturers such as Essilor and Nikon who are renowned for being the most innovative in their field with the use of advanced technology for the most accurate visual quality.

Whether you are looking for a single vision, bifocal, varifocal , transition, specialist tints, photochromic, prescription sunglasses or ophthalmic glasses for the patients daily needs.


Ava is the new wave lenses that are UNIQUE to ESSILOR, and we are proud to be the FIRST in Leicestershire to be able to provide this new extraordinary lens.

Historically, your prescription could only be corrected to 0.25D, and since November 1st 2019 we have now been able to correct you to 0.01D, giving you the most correct vision possible. These lenses are available on the Essilor EYEZEN lens, which is a single vision lens that aids and relieves eye strain, and their varifocal lenses of the E and X design.

We will explain the benefits and differences during the eye examination, and show you the difference between the standard and the AVA lens.To achieve this prescription we have the latest technology that allows us to provide the most accurate spectacle prescription available that is non invasive and does not cause discomfort.