Dry Eye Clinic

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Dry Eyes are often a cause of discomfort and irritation, with the ability to affect both social and work life. Many People just put up with the situation however here at Judge opticians we can offer tailored ways to alleviate your symptoms.

There are various symptoms with dry eyes and many can experience a combination of symptoms.

During the Dry eye clinic the experienced optometrist will assess both the anterior of the eye and several layers of tear film before going through treatment options best to suit your symptoms.  

A follow up appointment will be required to monitor the condition and make sure you get the best treatment for this often uncomfortable condition.

Gritty sensation in the eyes

A sensation in the eye that feels like you have something irritating in the eye, that is both uncomfortable and annoying.

Discomfort like a burning or stinging sensation

An uncomfortable sensation that can really irritate the eye and cause you to want to scratch them.

Red Eyes

Whether staring at screens for a prolonged period of time or just irritated, the white of the eye appears to be bloodshot.

Watery Eyes

A symptom that causes your eyes to overproduce tears and be consistantly streaming.

Tired eyes when reading, using the computer , mobile,tablet or TV

Similar to red eyes but is caused due to the length of time between blinking of the eye to replenish the tear film.

Contact lens discomfort.

When your contacts feel gritty and just like something that is not a good fit for your eyes.