The eye examination is the essence of the service we provide. Your Examination will be conducted by our Optometrist and will begin with a chat about family history, any sight issues or concerns, and your medical history.

In a typical examination your optometrist will test your visual fields,pressure checks, and how well your eyes function. He will also check for colour blindness, glaucoma, diabetes and other related health related conditions. Other tests maybe performed depending on individual needs. 

An average adult sight examination will last for between 25 -30 minutes and an additional 15 -20 minutes if you are having an OCT scan. The additional time allows the optometrist to explain the scan results with you.

In general it is recommended that an adult has a sight test every two years. However with certain sight issues a more regular sight test could be advised.

Eye examinations are available to everyone regardless of individual needs or age. We welcome both private patients and NHS patients alike.